Q Are you a marque specialist?
A We specialise in the restoration and preparation of historic sports and racing cars. We have many years of experience working on a broad variety of vehicles - from a de Dion tricycle to a six wheel Tyrrell.

Q Do you offer trackside support?
A Yes. A few of our customers are lucky enough to receive full trackside support and raceday attendance. In effect, they arrive and drive.

Q Do you prepare cars for circuit use only?
A No. We have prepared cars for trials, hillclimbs, rallies and endurance racing.

Q Can you collect and deliver my car?
A Yes. We operate two covered, four wheel trailers.

Q Would my car be insured?
A Yes. All customers' cars are fully insured whilst in our care, on the road or in the workshop.

Q Can you offer longterm storage?
A Yes. We can offer long or short-term storage, optionally in a dehumidified environment.

Q Do you offer wiring and trimming services?
A Yes. We can take on wiring and trimming jobs from small repairs to a new loom or a re-trimmed cockpit.

Q Can you source obsolete parts?
A Yes. We have a good network of specialist suppliers. Should a part remain unavailable, we have manufactured many unique components from axles and suspension parts to one-off machined parts.

Q Do you service road cars?
A Yes. We have serviced and tuned some interesting road cars.

Q Over restored?
A Some customers require us to mechanically restore their cars whilst maintaining as much of the car's original patina as possible. We are happy to meet these criteria and advise customers on which components must be checked for integrity and which parts will benefit from basic servicing.

Q Special treatment for historically important cars?
A We are passionate about historic racing and regard all of our customers' cars as historically important. Any parts that have to be replaced during the course of a restoration or re-commissioning remain with that car and the property of the customer. Only parts that jeopardise the car's on-track performance or safety are replaced for new.

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